Report with three sections

I need a report with three sections. For each record, a header (section 1 with one column), some data (section 2 with two columns) and a footer (section 3 with one column) must be generated. But in reality, only section 2 is generated, and sections 1 and 3 are skipped. Could this be a bug in relatorio?

P.S. Below is a sample template structure:

for each="r in records"
Section 1 with one column.

Section 2 with two columns.

Section 3 with one column.

I do not understand. What are you calling “columns”? Is it inside a table? Are you using “Section”?

I am using sections and columns within sections. There are small tables in section 2, but the columns are not in the table, but in the section. I did one column in section 2 and got the same result. Only section 2 was rendered, sections 1 and 3 were skipped.

Since it is not possible to upload odt-files, I am attaching screenshots of the template and the result for two records.

There’s the same result for section 2 with one column. The header, footer, sections 1 and 3 have been omitted.

First you should not use url by placeholder, they are more precise.

Now I guess the style is put on the first line which is probably removed by Relatorio as it is a statement.

I replaced my urls with placeholders and placed the first one on the second line. Nothing changed.

I’m pretty sure sections are stored as style on the paragraph so you must be sure that they are not set on a statement paragraph because they are removed.

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I’ve put the first (for) and last (/for) statements in separate sections. Here’s the result:

Thanks to ced for the helpful advice.

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