Replace pootle by weblate

The Poolte setup has always been difficult to maintain and update. Its develop has stagnated for a long time. Also the checks provide by the current version are not complete enough as issue8057 showed.
I think we should switch to Weblate which seems to be more active and provide a Docker image.
The structure of the translation repository should be changed to be compatible with weblate. I made a prototype here: And so the scripts in tryton-tools should also be updated. By it is nothing too difficult. According to the documentation, it is possible to migrate the Pootle user to Weblate.

So I propose that the switch happens just after a release (e.g. 5.2) to ensure that we do not loose translation proposals.

If we can avoid having this kind of issues I think it’s worth migrating.

That makes completely sense. Migrating just after the release is a must for me.

I imagine we will maintain the same workflow of updating the translations every month so we can start translating before the feature freeze.

Yes but Weblate commit frequently to the repository when some translations have been done.

The server is ready on
I could not migrate the existing user from Pootle to Weblate, so I will write an email on the announce mailing list requesting people to register again (trying to use the same username as on
Before that I finish to test the update_translations script.

Also about user management, by default any registered user can make suggestions. I created a group per language for translator of this language. But there is no more the possibility to give management right to only a language. So the administrators will have to manage the access rights of every users.

The change has been announced:

Can I get more rights for portuguese? I just registered on the new platform with fmorato.
Thank you

Done but it would have been better to follow

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Hi! weblate interface seems to be more friendly than pootle. The only stuff that its not working for es_419 languange is when you want to susggest an empty chain. Why do I want to do such thing? As we know es_419 is a derative language from es. So, sometimes I do want to remove the translation on es_419 so the chain of the father (es) can be used. Perhpas, if I have more access rights, I can save an empty chain without the suggest process.


What is not working?

Hi! If I want to saved an empty chain, it throws a message saying that the suggestion cannot be empty. The system is better than pootle, because it display the translation from es language. So I can check if the language from es is right and suggest to leave translation at es_419 empty.

I guess it is because you are doing suggestion. Probably with translator rights, it will work.

Can I get more rights for Polish? My nick is wowar. At the Pootle I was the administrator of Polish.

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It is done now, you should be allowed to translate.