Refreshing the default values of a field

How can I make the default values take into account the modification of the configuration data?

For example in sales, if I change the default invoicing method, how do I take this change into account for new sales? The only way I have found is to restart the client. Is there another one?

The default values are cached by the client for performance.
Normally default values are quite static. Adding any invalidation of this cache will just remove the benefit of the cache.

Yes, I understand, it’s just very confusing for a customer to see that this modification is not taken into account despite having saved them

I guess we could imagine to have a bus message that is sent to all clients to clear their cache.

This would be a very good option. Also for other use cases as menu creation, or some modules changes.
Another option is to make an advice at the configuration menu. Example: This change would take effect after restarting the client.
Many the times the problem is not the way of working of the system but the missing information of the user.
The last one is easier than the first one but the first one it’s so much better.