Reflection on the use of Parties/Addresses/Contact Mechanism

I wonder about the use of means of Contact Mechanism, Addresses and Parties:

  1. I did not find strictly speaking the concept of contact (in the sense of a natural person), then how to add the information of ‘civility’ and ‘function’? add a new object?
  2. A Contact Mechanism are linked to the Parties and therefore no problem, but it can also be associated with a natural person who is located on a Party site, how to make the association between this natural person -> this address? create a Party by natural personne and use ‘Party Relationship’ ? In this case how link this address as an invoice address on Sale without duplication of information ?

All suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Could you explain what you mean by “contact”?

What is the purpose?

What do you mean? What is “a Party site”?

Why do you want to make such association. I think natural are free to move so they can have multiple addresses and this is how Party and Addresses are linked.

For me, it is up to the user to decide how he wants to manage its data. We provide a generic design but he is free to fill it as he wants.

I do in that way

For me there is no duplication. Each party has an address that eventually is the same for both.

Here it means a natural person on one of the Party sites with a telephone number, an email, a function and a civility.

To be able to send him nominative mail and email and know how to contact him (Mr. or Mrs. for example)

Here in the meant of the address (to M.X at the address Y)

This association is necessary (in some companies) to identify who is the person in charge of this project or who to contact for this question.

Yes, of course, my question was rather in the sense of how to properly add this information in the existing design. I plan to implement part of the concepts of ‘Roles’ and ‘Persons’ from the book ‘Data Model Resource Book’.