Reduce release freeze

We have now a script tryton-tools: c6d07120dd7b that update the translations every month. So I propose to reduce the freezing to 2 weeks as translators can fill the translations for new modules every months during the 6 months of development.

That makes sense! I also think that having 2 weeks to translate all the strings is enough, even if no translations is done on the development period.

I like your proposal a lot. Will you use a cron job or a fixed date like every first day of a month? So the translators can schedule their time.

It is already in place and it is the first day of each month.

There are nothing to schedule as there are any planning to add or modify terms.

Misunderstanding. I just meant it is good for the personal schedule and for the collaboration of the translators to have a periodical recurring date for the translation updates. As you said, it is the case.