Recurring quality controls

Hi, we identified a need that we think may improve features of quality module.

Some products degrade/change over time (p.ex. Water can change PH due to multiple factors), so it needs to be checked regularly to ensure that they stay controlled (other chemical products can be dangerous if they are not stable) and if it’s not in the required parameters actions can be done (to change the PH).

So I think we can add in the control some timedelta or fields like we do in ir.cron to define how often each control need to be checked if there’s stock of it.

Thoughts? Has any identified any similar needs?

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I do not think the quality module can be used for this purpose because it is based on operations but there is no operations for a product being stored.

I think you are talking more about testing / calibration which also applies to several types of equipment, mostly the measurement equipment. This differs from the quality control module which is used to check the quality of the products when received or before being used.

You can take a look at Kalenis LIMS where such thing is implemented.