Recreating the stock moves and the shipments in the sales

In the 5.2 version, in this commit was modified the stock move and shipments recreation in the sales.

Currently, if there is some remaining quantity in the shipment when it gets done or canceled, it’s getting created a new stock move (linked to the a sale line) in a new shipment and also when any single stock move gets deleted or canceled.
But in the 4.8 version it was getting created just when removing some quantity from the stock move or when unlinking any stock move from a shipment linked to the sale.

I think that the functionality was more useful for the user in the previous version because this way it’s eassilly to see in any time what is remaining to send, because since the user make some change in the shipment until it ends, it can take too long.

So, I would like to know why this change was made, if there is just an efficiency reason or what?

For me, there is no differences in behavior in general except if some code write states on shipment instead of using the workflow (which is bad).