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I’m making slow progress… ):

Now, I was able to create an order, even including taxes. I “confirmed”, and now the status are:

invoice status: waiting
delivery status: waiting
status: in execution.

My guess is that I now have to confirm delivery. But how do I do that?


You have to search for the related shipment (using the relate button on the sale) or by opening the Customer shipments menú. You can send the goods from there.

Could it be the case that you’re talking about sale, not purchase of goods? - I’m dealing with an order at the moment…

Yes, I was talking about sales.

In case of purchase, you have to open the supplier shipments menu, create a new shipment pick the right supplier and you will be able to see the pending moves of the supplier ussing the + button of the incomming moves field.

From there you can pick the moves that you want to receive and use the “Receive” button to confirm the action.