Raspberry Pi 4 as a server?

Did anyone already try to run tryton server on a raspberry pi 4 ?
I’m thinking about setting up a RPi 4 as a multi-role-server for VDR, backups - and tryton?

My expectations are low, I dont have to do more than a handful of transactions per day, over-the-web access is occasional only, so a little waiting (due to DSL uplink restrictions) are acceptable.


Yes, the setup is doable but tacke care that our doker images are not ready for running on a raspberry so you need to install trytond manually.

Once doen there should be no issue to use them.

If you put data on a backup server, where will you back-up them ? :wink:

Didn’t we hear about GnuHealth/Tryton/Suse/raspberry pi ?

The scenario is not ready yet, but it could look like this:

  • work station is synced with owncloud (on external server)
  • work station syncs once a week or so with internal raspi server - to make backups emotet-proof and enable restoring of data accidentally deleted
  • tryton on internal server files are synced with work station; files then go to owncloud.

Not perfect, but with a certain likelyhood that even I can not easily outsmart it.

Didn’t we hear about GnuHealth/Tryton/Suse/raspberry pi ?

Yes! - https://www.pro-linux.de/news/1/24542/gnu-health-auf-raspberry-pi-3.html

Seems to be good enough even with RPi3 !

Even on Raspberry 2b with 1gb ram, I was able to run trytond without any issues.

This is promising - so a RPi 4 should have plenty of peformance (:

Think so, see https://en.opensuse.org/GNUHealth_on_openSUSE#Installation_of_the_Raspberry_Pi_image
You can basically do the same with a pure Tryton installation