Quality Inspection is not triggering when receiving material

I activated a quality inspection module
created test and control record with selection of receiving material from Location supplier to storage
but when the shipment is in done state it does triggered the creation of quality inspection

when first time I recieved the shipment the quality inspection triggers . but after that it was not working

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Which module did you activate? There is no standard module for that. Theis the Check Products Quality which is currently a work in progress.

yes I activated this Issue 46631002: tryton-env: Add quality inspection module - Code Review

If you are using last patch set you should create a selection record to indicate when the control should be used.

For your use case, the selection should have Supplier as from location.

If you want to have a control for all shipments you should use 100% as frequency, otherwise you should use a lower value.


Actually I tried the same thing as u said but no luck . let me know if I did something wrong here

The inspection will be created once the supplier shipment is received.
You can no check something that haven’t been received yet!

Sorry My mistake the gif is not completed . actually I have already received the material but the inspection haven’t been created I have created selection record from Supplier too