Purchase Requisition Module

Hi, I dont see a purchase requisition module in my tryton. How to get it?

Hello @AsifAnwar, welcome on board!

Did you already install the purchase_requisition module on your operating system? Please install the new module in the same version of your other modules and in the same way you installed the other modules, e.g. pip, apt
Then register the new module(s) in the Tryton database:

    trytond-amin -d <DBNAME> -c <CONFFILE> -m -u purchase_requisition  --activate-dependencies

After this the functionality should be available in the Purchase menu entry.
As a test if a module is installed you can check Menu Administration / Modules / Modules if it is available and activated.

E.g. in the Tryton demo it looks like this.

Hi @udono. Thank you for your reply. My purchase module in the list says 6.0.14. Would this requisition module work with my version?

Tryton releases work by series (the 2 first number) so you must always use Tryton’s modules from the same series.

Can I add module using tryton front-end, using modules ?

Because I have installed using Ansible. I know the database is health, but not sure about config file

and in demo, its not activated

There are three stages to installing a module:

  1. Install the module (system package, pip or put the files in the modules directory)
  2. Update the list of modules in the database (trytond-admin -c trytond.conf -d database -m). After this is completed the module will be in the modules list in Administration / Modules / Modules.
  3. Activate the module from the modules list.

You can activate a tryton module that is in the modules list in the interface (but as Udono explained it can also be done using trytond-admin). The other two actions can not be done using the client.