Proposal to add the Mexico chart of accounts to Tryton

Since 2017, the Mexican government, through the Tax Administration Secretariat (SAT), incorporated electronic accounting.
Electronic accounting refers to the obligation to keep accounting records and entries through electronic means and to enter your accounting information on a monthly basis through the SAT website.
To formally comply with the monthly entry of accounting information, only the trial balance and the catalog of accounts will be sent with the SAT grouping code that allows its interpretation.
Additionally, taxpayers must have the possibility of generating electronic information on their accounting and auxiliary policies to deliver it to the SAT.
I attach the catalog of accounts in ods format.

My request is to understand how to convert the ods account catalog to an account_mx.xml file and follow the documentation guidelines required to integrate this module as part of tryton core.
Thank you and greetings for taking the time to review this publication.

Here is a how to create a localization module of your contry. You should convert the ods format into an xml file with all the required models explained in the howto.

Note that this includes not only the chart of accounts but the income statement, balance sheet and also the taxes used in the country.

Once you have the chart of accounts defined, we can continue working on the electronic exports oto submit it to theSAT.

Note that to include a module as part of Tryton core we require that the chat is based on a trusted source (normally the tax authority) so we need a link which shows the source of the data generated.