Project module does not use pricelist?

HI, i installed sales_pricelist module and can sucessfully use customer specific prices in the sales module, as the pricelist is linked to the customer.
However, I primarily sell services to customers. I use the Project- module for tracking the projects. When i use that very product in a customer specific project, the unmanaged price is used.
Is this by design? Or am I something missing?
Regards Jakob

No price list are just designed to be used on sales.

For projects you can set the unit price directly on each project and use a different price for each project.

The price list works on sales because there is a module sale_price_list.
So it should be possible to have a module project_revenue_price_list but the difficulty is to have the quantity matching works and make sense for a project.

Thanks for the replies. I did see the relation between sales and project, because I use the sales module to offer a certain amount of time, remote time, travel expense… each at a individual price for that customer. I just create a price list for that customer, so everything is nicely traceable (as I would do for goods).
For me a project is the production of time-related products, aka services, I deliver as offered and confirmed. So I would expect it to be related in the same way as goods.

However, the specific handling of amount-related rules in price_list is a valid concern.
Without this working, it is better to not use pricelist at all for service offering, but to create a special product for each customer.

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