Production works in waiting state

Hi All,

I see there is a “Waiting” tab in production works but I can not see how can I put some work in waiting state.

I see that currently after the production is running the works are keep on “Draft” tab. How can I move them to the “Waiting” tab to indicate that the work is ready to be worked on?

Here is the logic: modules/production_work: 59a0ad136522
For example when there is only a draft cycle.

So following the logic I need to create a cycle without running it to make the waiting state.

But with the “Start” button the cycle is run directly so such state is never reached.

I’m wondering if it won’t be better to make the cycle as “Waiting” once the production is in “running” state but it has no cycles. As in such case we already have the materials so the works can be run.

Or at least, add a new button to create the empty cycle and make the work go to waiting state.

I do not agree. This is not always true, you can need something else like another work to be finished.

I do not see the point?

Of course, but this should be implemented as customization as we do not have antecedents/precedents definiton on works.

We have 3 cost centers for the same work and there is a manager which decides on which cost center each work should be done. So once the cost center the work is planned and it is moved to wainting state.

You are reverting the logical. As we can not know which can be started, they stay in draft. But if someone implement it, then we could mark the works that can be started as waiting.

This is the wrong usage of the state. The work center must be set before the production is started so when the works are still as request.

But as far as the work center is picked automatically there is no way to know what is already planned and what not. That why I tought the state will be a good indicator.

The routing already defines a sequence, so it can be used as order to know which works should be started first and which one can be started latter.

It is know with the state of the production, you should not set to waiting a production for which the works have not been set. This way the works are in request state until they are “planned”.

Why not as long as it is possible to plug a graph on it.