Production (wait -> done without assign wizard)

Hi guys,
I have a question:
in the Production section, how can I pass from the wait state to the done state (without the assign wizard)?

thank you

There is no transition between waiting state to done state. You always have to go through the assigned and running states.

Hi ced,
I’m creating a web page (with RPC-CALL).
I can create a production in draft state and in wait state, but don’t launch the assign wizard to switch to run …

But you have to assign the product used for the production otherwise they will be taken by someone else.
If you do not want to launch the wizard, you can create a dedicated RPC method that trigger the assignation and run transitions.

Thanks for the reply, ced.

To create a production I’m using:

model.production.create (work)

To switch to the “wait” state I’m using:
model.production.wait (work)

Which method should I use to assign the product?
I tried to use
model.production.assign (not work)
but it does not work

To switch to the “run” state I’m using: (work)

To switch to the “done” state I’m using:
model.production.done (work)

You can call assign_try and/or assign_force.

it works!


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