Product_name renaming to product_rec_name

On 7.2, property product_name was introduced:

    def product_name(self):
        name = super().product_name
        if self.product_customer:
            name = self.product_customer.rec_name
        return name

I wonder if its not better to improve the naming with renaming the property to product_rec_name, so we can create similar properties if I need the rec_name “split” like product_name or product_code because depending on the report I need a column with the code and other with the name.

Otherwise I need to become creative with the naming:

    def product_only_name(self):
        pool = Pool()
        SaleLine = pool.get('sale.line')
        name = if self.product else ''
        if (isinstance(self.origin, SaleLine)
                and self.origin.product_customer):
            name =
        return name