Product kit always split into all components?

Hello friends,
I’m trying to fight my way through the product kit module. Now having first success (thanks to upcoming grand master @Gruenfischer), I find something strange:

Wherever I’m dealing with product kits, in any place “mother item” and all “child items” are listed. Well, I think I’d rather have

  • only child items in pick lists and delivery notes (incoming and outgoing)
  • only mother items at quotations and invoices (incoming and outgoing)

Is there a way to configure this?

Set components to a goods is when you want to ship the components (or provide services) with the goods sold.
If instead you do not want to ship the parent component then the parent is a kit and not a goods so it can only be used on sale or purchase.

Thank you very much. Indeed, I missed to set the product type to “kit”.