Product Cost Price is still $0 after setting Initial Stock with Unit Price

Hi all, I set the initial stock level of a product using a stock move following Setup — Tryton module for stock and inventory

I entered the Unit Price in the move as directed, and expecting the Unit Price would be used to set the Cost Price, but Cost Price of both Product and Variant are still $0.

Looking at the Locations List Quantity (linked to from the Product or Variant) shows the expected quantity in the move, but the Cost Value is $0. I ran the Recompute Cost Price wizard in the Product, and refreshed the Product form, but the Cost Price is still $0 (and the same with the Variant).

Can anyone explain what am I doing wrong, or what I am misunderstanding?

Thanks very much for your help.

Move form with entered Unit Price $75

Completed move:


Locations List Quantity:

I think it’s because your cost price method for the product is “Fixed”, so in this case you have to set manually the cost price. You should select the “Variable” cost price method to impact purchases on cost price.

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Brilliant! Thanks @maxx

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