Product Categories in Sale Promotion

Current Sale Promotions module, apply promotion in case product sale line is in promotion products.

When our catalog have many products is difficult to configure promotions and products.
In this case, it is easier to configure with new field: “categories” (product.category).

  • Add new field in sale.promotions, categories (m2m → product.category).
  • Add in «is_valid_sale_line» in case product line is in categories, apply promotion.

I don’t really think it is really needed and we should try to keep it simple.
Indeed it is more about having a way to select a set of products using the category. For now, as categories on product is a Many2Many we can not use it as filter (except if a kind of category is created like the accounting). So two ways are available:

  • improve the filter to allow filtering per Many2Many
  • add a wizard to do the selection per category or a wizard on category to add children products to a defined promotion

The second is easy to implement but less flexible and it will not benefit to other modules.

One could argue that using category for matching promotion is more dynamic because it will automatically include new products linked to the category. I don’t think it is very important because promotions are live for a short time.