Product Batch/Lot Analysis/Measurements Tracking and Tracability


I work for a very small lab and I setup a base generic tryton several months ago and we’ve been testing it out. Some of our consumables we fabricate ourselves from traceable raw materials and then we do analysis/measurements on the batch.

I’m hoping you could help me figure out a way to keep the raw material traces of all the components and attach/track our measurements on a per batch level?

I thought about using product_attributes to add batch number and the actual measurements but it seems this requires creating new product instead of adding to a current product and I feel this would be “murky”. I also thought about the Stock_lots module since this allows the addition of a batch number (which we already use to track the raw materials) but it doesn’t allow the attaching of the measurements to the products.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I do not understand what is the problem with lot. For me, lot is the right place to store data about a specific of products. But of course you will have to customize the lot model to add fields to store your data. Maybe it could be done in such generic way like using Dict field (kinda like the product attributes) that it could be include in a standard module.

I agree, a way to combine the two would be idle. I took a look at the code this weekend to see if there was a simple way to combine them but with the holiday I didn’t get very far. Would be nice to incorporate the UOM module as well. I’ll take a look more so at it this week. If you know of a good place to start that would very much welcomed.