Processing delay

Hi, in the 5.2 announcement I stumbled over this sentence:

We added the same processing delay from sale to the sale complaint functionality. This allows to reset a complaint to draft after being approved or rejected which is not yet processed.
The same processing delay as on purchase is added to the requisition functionality. This allows to reset an approved requisition to draft which is not yet processed.

Can anyone explain the rationale to me? Why do I want to reset an approved complaint/purchase requisition/sale/… to draft again with a processing delay?
Is this at least tracked? Otherwise you would lose all auditing capabilities.

It’s kinda “Undo” function. very useful for me who make many mistakes when I fill a form.
i don’t really see the link to audit.

You can always change an existing document (sales-|purchase order|requisition). Of course, if it has an approval process behind, this must be triggered again. So there is no need for a delay

Re. Audit: In case you don’t record all changes to a sales order, you will not be able to see who changed what. This is extremely useful, not only when searching for issues.

I didn’t know this. For me, when I click on a workflow button, there is no simple way to rewind.
And despite your explanation, I still don’t see how it impacts traceability. Any particular use case ?

I just found a solution proposal to match a similar requirement for track/trace of changes to a document: Amendment for Sale and Purchase
Use case: next to the question, who created a document and when, it will answer who changed which fields and when.
Changes to existing sales orders or other documents are quite frequent and often, so there should be a means to follow this…