Procedure to correct an erroneous supplier shipment (quantity declared is more than received)


We recently have a problem with a supplier shipment. We had to receive 10000 units of products and the user inputs 15000 units (incoming moves). Stock people didn’t check the stock arrival and confirm 15000 units instead of 10000 units. The problem was noticed by accounting people with the invoice.

Doing an inventory seems not a good solution to solve this quantity problem.

  • How to fix such error to keep cost price correct, having a correct stock quantity and a correct invoice?
  • If doing a purchase return, how account people could identify the new invoice line to add to the original invoice with negative amount ?

We noticed also when doing a supplier shipment return, “From Location” of the return shipment could be different of “From Location” of the move (“Storage Zone”(View) on the shipment VS “real location” as From Location of the product in the move)

Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

Hi Maxime,

You have been in the forum for some time more than me, so it is possible that I am not understanding your question correctly.

For me it is not clear if your problem is starting from Purchase or Supplier Shipment.

Is there a reason why you can not return all the goods and then recreate the right quantity?

Also if using Purchase, I select the stock move that is pending rather than introducing the quantity manually.

If the wrong quantity is in Purchase line, then you can use purchase amendment to rectify it, and then the right Supplier shipment will be recreated.

If the problem starts with Purchase line, after correcting it using Stock amendment the right invoice should be recreated. I guess if you have posted the wrong invoice you should cancel, and post the right one.

It’s supplier shipment. The purchase is correct with the right quantity.

Indeed, but in our business, we never receive the exact quantity that we ordered because it’s linked to a batch of production. So most of the time, it’s not the quantity we purchased. We define correct quantities and lot for the supplier shipment when we receive the supplier packing list. (and a human error could happen :frowning: )

In our case, goods are already received and stored in the warehouse. The main problem is an inexact quantity.

In our case, supplier shipment is done so amending the purchase doesn’t change anything and also quantity on purchase is correct, we need to fix a received quantity greater than real quantity.

We could imagine a return shipment on the original purchase but “actual quantity” field doesn’t care about negative quantities…

For me you must create a supplier return shipment (at the same date as the reception) with the extra quantity and add those return stock moves to the invoice line which has the correct quantity but too much stock move.
This way the average cost price computation will be corrected.

This is a little bit similar to what does account_invoice_correction but for the shipment :slight_smile:


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