Procedure to add new module

Here are the steps to follow when adding a new module (after review):

  1. On create the repository in ~hg/repos/modules with hg init <new module>
  2. Edit .hg/hgrc (copy existing one):
    • change description
    • remove [trypod]
  3. Add the module to
    • Import manually
    • Set maintainers
    • Set integration with generic webhook (edit hgrc)
    • Add automation rules to activate new branch
    • Add as subproject of tryton-readthedocs
  4. Active module on
    • Check settings Trusted
  5. Push module
  6. Push in .hgsub of tryton-env
  7. Add module as component on
  8. Add module to announce r2e and pause it:
    • r2e add <module><new module>/versions.atom
    • r2e pause n
  9. Add repository to
  10. Add module as component on
    • create empty files for templates and modules
    • active msgmerge addons
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