Problems receiving discuss mails

for several weeks I have not been receiving mails from discuss, which I had been getting without issues so far. The last e-mail I received was on July 15th.

I checked my profile and it still has the “Mailing list mode” set, as well as the filters in my e-mail app and spam inbox.

Does anyone have the same problem?

Did you use gmail?
Indeed we have some issues on gmail rejecting emails due to there was an user that used and URL in the name which caused gmail to think our mails where SPAM.

We noticed it on 20th July and requested the user to fix the emails. So this should be fixed now.

Yes, I’m using GMail.

It seems they’re still rejecting them.

Your profile was disabled from email because of excessive bounce score. This happens when 2 hard bounces happen or 4 soft bounces. I reset it manually otherwise it is reset after 30 days.
Many other users who are using Gmail have the same problem (that the price to pay for using such centralized services).

Thank you very much.

Indeed I have same issue.

I also reset the bounce score for your profile (which was going to happen in 3 days anyway).

Thank you very much.