Problem of adding numword

Hello everyone,
I am a new here,
someone has already been confronted with the requirement of the presence of “numword” for the installation of the module “presik-trytonpsk_account_voucher-13eb537cd42c”.

I have applied this solution “python install” without success until then.
Thank you for enlightening me on this point.

I guess it refers to

yes, that’s it.
can I have the appropriate command to fix the situation

You should first download and install the numword module (with the same commands as you do now) and then install the account_voucher module.

this is precisely where the problem arises that leads me to ask for help. How do I install numword.
the command of which I have spoken above changes nothing.

This library has been published under the name psk_numword, so this command should work: $ pip install psk_numword