POS Terminal connection


Is it possible to connect Tryton to a pos terminal?
Any comments will be appreciated,


The structure of POS Sale was designed to be easy to import via for example CSV.
So you can have your external POS and import for example daily the sales. But this requires probably some customization.

Thanks Cédric for your response.

The requirement I have, is that the bank terminal could be connected to the system so, the amount to pay be displayed automatically in the terminal, the customer complete the data and, if the bank aprove the card payment, Tryton can get the payment information automatically and complete the sale operation.

Is that possible?

Hi Eduardo,
we created an OPI connection for Tryton Sale-Point and use it with an ingenico card-terminal and a local clearing service for payments. It’s doing fine since more than a year. It fulfills exactly your requirement.

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Hi Richard,

Could you give me some ideas to create something similar? or, Is it possible that you can share the code?