Picklist / invoice et al: sort order of items

Hello everybody,
yet another dummy question: I could never find out how Tryton sorts entries of a purchase list in next processing steps. Meaning:

  • I create a sale, items are created in a certain order
  • I create a picklist from that sale - order of items may have changed
  • I create an invoice (I’m using collective invoices :heart:) - again there can be another sort order of items.

What I’d like to have is straight chronological in the line of input in sales - but certainly in the process I’m doing strange things which mess up the order. Neither in sales nor in invoices I can find a control for the sort order - but that may be my proverbial blindness…

Hints would be greatly appreciated.


On the shipment we do not really care about that but depending on the Python version (if dict keys keep insert order) and the kind of grouping used, the outgoing moves may be in the same order.

Indeed the order should be kept if the invoice method is on order otherwise it will depend on when the stock moves are done.

Allright. That’s not really critical.

Hm. My invoicing method is “on delivery”. But it’s not so much about different orders - they usually are kept in the order they are delivered. My issue is the order of items within a sale. It’s really painful to search for mistakes if order of items in sale and in invoice are different. Is there a way to make sure they are?

Well. AFAIU, in this case it’s not my fault, but Tryton may change the order of items on the way from sale (maybe purchase) to delivery, picklist and invoice. True?

In case, I’d vote for a moderate effort to keep order of items the same any case. Else can cause serious trouble. Ticket?