Pick list [report]. How to get different delivery address?

Hello friends,

in my pick list, I have
<shipment.customer.address_get().postal_code> and

Now, when using a different shipment address in an order, nevertheless I get the party’s main delivery postcode and name. Which expressions would I have to use in order to get the actual delivery address postal code and name?

Thanks a lot in advance, Wolf

I guess you want to print shipment.delivery_address which is the address set on the customer shipment.

Thank you, Sergi. I tried (my best guess on the base you gave):

Shipment post code:


That throws, when creating a pick list:

Fault: <trytond.report.report.Report._get_records.<locals>.TranslateModel object at 0x7c93a0121ea0> has no member named "delivery_address_get" 

What did I do wrong?


You added a _get which is not required. You should do:


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Well that was there before. Anyway.
Thank you very much, you created a nice early morning success for me.

NB: I’m maintaining a collection of “germanized” report templates and a list of Genshi expressions HERE at Tryton community, because I felt a certain lack of info on this topic.


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