Permalinks for contributor profiles

This was raised in another thread but I feel it is worthy of its own topic so I’ve moved it here. It is independent of the other thread.

The links could be integrated as a QR code on certificates, people could place the links on their web site, on their CV, on their profile when speaking at a conference or whatever else they like. It would be useful to have a single link that aggregates all the contributions. Maybe we could make links like this with a redirect:
→ Discourse user profile (302 Temporary redirect)

This type of URL would continue working even if Tryton stops using Discourse and changes the redirects to a different target.

How we can asure that all contributons of an user are shown?

Indeed the bug tracker profile can be filled with the discourse and weblate ids. This page provide links to the profile of each software.
Indeed what is missing is some statistic about mercurial commits and bug tracker activities.

Maybe this mercurial extension could be used to provide a graph of the mercurial activity on the user page: