PDF Document Viewer

Is there any way to add a PDF viewer or any doc viewer to web interface. (Version 5.0) ?

Most browsers can display PDF by default, I do not see the point to add one in sao.

I added a binary field which will get PDF reports from a different system. By default, Sao shows a button to download the reports. So a user will have to download the report to view it. If the report can be made visible there itself, then it will be of help.

In any case the PDF will need to be downloaded to be seen. But if you set a proper file name (ending with .pdf), most browser will open it instead of asking for saving.

But if you really want, it should be possible to create your own widget for binary-pdf, that render the content with pdf.js.

Indeed I think we could create an Embed widget based on the <embed/> element. It will be quiet similar to the Image widget. It should have a download link as fallback.
For the desktop client, the widget would just display an open button.

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