Payment and statement

Could you explain what manual operations and computations, please??

I’m playing with account_statement + account_payment_clearing modules hoping that a statement (with payment group setted) post a move with 3 lines, two related to two payments and the left one with the total payable amount, and all I get are 3 moves, one related to total payable amount and the other two for the payments…

Statement always create a move per line because the dates may be different.

It is not possible to understand what you did not what you want to do.
Please provide full description of your scenario.

You’re right. I’m so sorry. I’ll try to do it better:

Scenario with account_statement and account_payment_clearing modules.

P1 - Payment 1 - 10€
P2 - Payment 2 - 10€

PG1 - Payment Group 1 (grouping payments P1 and P2)

S1 - Statement 1 (with just one line linked to PG1 with an amount of 20€)

Validate S1

3 moves created:

  • 1 move for statement line from S1
  • 1 move for P1
  • 1 move for P2

Payment moves conciliated.

Is this the way tryton works to manage one statement line from bank statement with the total amount to pay a payment group (i.e. SEPA)?

I think this subject is related to “one paymentfor multiple invoices discussion”.

Those are the clearing moves. We must create one per payment because it depends on the state of each one.

This is what happening. As you validated the statement, the payment in the linked groups are marked as succeeded.

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