Paiement factures


Nous avons souvent le cas de clients payant en un seul paiement le montant de 2 ou 3 factures.
Voire même aussi, assez souvent : payant 2 factures en intégralité et le début de la 3ème facture.

Quelle est l’approche préconisée, certes à développer dans l’ERP, pour affecter des parties d’un paiement global au différentes factures, et solder les écritures comptables de factures au débit du compte client ?

I will recomend using the account_statement module to import the bank (or even the cash one) payments.
This modules allows to relate a single bank line (payment line) with several invoices (even if they are not completly paid).
After posting the statements, the invoice state and it’s amount to pay will be updated acordingly.

Or you can also just book bank statement without link to any invoice as it can be complicated if you do not have any information about what is paid.
Than from time to time you can run the “Reconcile Accounts” wizard which will try to find combination to reconcile. In this way of working the dunning will also take care of the pending payment that are not yet reconciled with an invoice.

Thank you for your answers. We will take a closer look into them.

Thanks to both of you, and we mention that our business case is more like Pokoli’s case : we need to follow the client’s instructions to dispatch parts of the payment amount on different invoices (= to several ACCOUNT_MOVE_LINE)
The account_statement is already activated, but we don’t find the feature and screen, to relate a single payment already entered, to several invoices. More than that, ACCOUNT_PAYMENT model owns a single FK to point to a single ACCOUNT_MOVE_LINE, and no n,n relation model available between these two models.
If right, then what is the way ?

You can link a statement line only to a single invoice. If the amount of the statement line is greater than the amount to pay of the invoice, Tryton will update the amount of the statement line and create a new line with the remaining.

Thanks Cedric. We have to look at the behavior, in case of a later withdrawal of the initial splited payment.