Output location for sale not defined

hello Community, I’m trying to migrate to organization from tryton 6.4 to tryton 6.8 in the version 6.4 everythings was done and configurated, i’m working in a system of proof and when i process a sale i’m getting the message:

A value is required for the “Output Location” field of “Customer Delivery Note”.

Was any configuration added to the warehouse?, I couldn’t find it.

Output location has been required for warehouse for as long as I remember.
I started using tryton since 6.2, and since then I have not had to change anything relating to warehouse configuration.

I guess you should check that the warehouse for the sale has an output location defined?

Is it the real error message? For me it does not make sense because “Customer Delivery Note” is a report so there can not be a required field.

The Real message is for the model “stock.shipment.out”.

The “Warehouse Output” on “Customer Shipment” has become required with Store warehouse location on shipment creation (#11974) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab.
Normally it must be filled automatically with the “Output” defined on the warehouse (which is a required field for a warehouse location). But this is only if you have a warehouse defined on the sale. The field is required to go to quotation if you have at least one line with a product of type goods (or assets).
Now maybe you have changed the type of a product after quoting the sale?

Sorry, I found that I had modified the “_get_sale_shipment” method in the Sale class. I appreciate your help

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