Orphan changesets on contribute

It’s the fourth time I get the following error since we are using heptapod. I tried to solve it without success the last three times, and the only I can do after my efforts is to remove the repo and clone it again.

So this time I’m heading to you to try to:

  • Figure which can be the cause (obviously me)
  • Find a solution, so I can avoid cloning again.
[$] hg push             
pushing to ssh://hg@foss.heptapod.net/tryton/tryton
searching for changes
abort: push includes orphan changeset: 7bae62656f04!
(use 'hg evolve' to get a stable history or --force to ignore warnings)

This is my command history since last clone:

hg clone ssh://hg@foss.heptapod.net/tryton/tryton
hg update 
hg update tiny_editor_upgrade
hg pull --rebase
hg rebase -d default
hg commit --amend
hg rebase -d default
hg push
hg push --force

This changeset has nothing to do with your topic:

changeset:   99342:7bae62656f04
topic:       sale-point-barcode-scanner
parent:      99334:9924c98320bd
user:        Sergi Almacellas Abellana <sergi@koolpi.com>
date:        Wed Jul 05 15:27:25 2023 +0200
instability: orphan
summary:     Add support for scanning product codes

This is probably the problem, you are pushing everything instead of just your topic.
You should use:

hg push -r .


hg push -r tiny_editor_upgrade

To make it the default you can add in the hgrc by running hg config -l -e:

default = ssh://hg@foss.heptapod.net/tryton/tryton
default:pushrev = .

for more tips see Modern Mercurial.

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