Organize documentation's documentation

Hi Trytoneros!!!

I was reading ‘How to use direct debit in account_payment_module’ topic and the answer @semarie did and thought: What an interesting thing!!! I’m gonna to contribute document it… but… where?

I reviewed again how to do that [1] [2] and conclude that maybe the proper place should be usage.rst by this testing review [3] or this one [4] but… they are not still in production so…

I propose:

  • Try to finish the reviews [3] and [4] in order to use them as reference for the next documentation contributions
  • Put the documentation’s documentation [1] [2] itself (including structure proposed by [3] and [4]) as a part of the Tryton official documentation and get out of discourse

I would like to achieve:

  • Show a clear and official path to contribute to documentation
  • To ease the friends that are going to help us in this task and particularly to those who will be working in the next Google Season of Docs
  • And of course, improving the Tryton project a bit more, :smiley:


[1] Proposal to improve the documentation structure
[2] Documentation on the proper place

Or in the contribute page of Tryton’s web page as another section Document or something like that…

The field has a help text, which for me is the first step of documenting an specific field usage.

Yes probably this is the best place to document how direct debit works on Tryton.

I think the strucuture is good for now, so feel free to propose a patch that improves the account_payment module documentation in the same way as done in this reviews.

We are working on it an I think we are near to have something ready but I do not think there should be any rush to finish it.

My personal feeling, sometime after we already know the basic. However, some use case might not clear for the basic documentation.
My thinking is to have “How to” section in the forum.

For sure

Me too. It’s just to gain the opportunity to advance it because Google Season of Docs.

Anyway I think the main goal of this topic is to find an ‘official’ place to ‘aggregate’ the information of how and where to write documentation to Show a clear and official path to contribute to documentation.

It already exists.

If you want to help on how to contribute to the documentation I think the best is to improve the documentation of a new module. Most of the discussion has happened already, so now we need to keep documenting modules and discuss any new behaviour that we may find.

P.S: Maybe documenting the account_payment module is a good option as we do not have any module with workflows now and this is not a very big module :wink:

Sorry. I think I am not explaining myself well.

I mean that, IMHO, there is no one ‘official’ place to know how to contribute to documentation.

Right now I think you have to know at least these items:

To get an idea on how to do that.

So I’m proposing to consolidate that info into the


to ease the path to new contributors and contributions.

For me right now we need to focus more on document and less on “organize how to documentation”.
The current examples can be used as base of future work.

I don’t agree.

You can focus on documentate if you know how to do that and I think so many people can not contribute to documentation because don’t know how to do it.

Do a deep searching in discuss to find out the so many related topics of documentation and know the reviews that are establishing the structure to follow to documentate is not, IMO, the way to ease the path and gain contributors and contributions.

Hi @josesalvador @nicoe, I have some additions to this. You’re both right as the quality of the documents is more important right now and there is need to have a page that shows all the documentations of Tryton. But I think the latter is covered in this and this. SO maybe it’s part of project one for Google Summer of Docs.