Order use to activate modules is important on a fresh install


It seems that successfully activating modules is depending on the order followed to activate them. I need sales + account_be but I have to made more than 5 attempts with a fresh database to have them all visible on the left menu.

Finally the way to successfully activate them is to mark them for activation all together on a fresh install, but activate them one by one is not working properly. This is not documented I think, and probably a bug? Are you aware of this behavior and is their a place to document this?

The order to activate modules have no impact. I guess it is only the refresh of the menu that does not happen. Do you go through the configuration wizard completely each time? This wizard is responsible to refresh the menu on the client. Any way, close and re-login should always provide a fresh menu.

I’ve successfully reproduced this and I can confirm that refreshing and relogin does not solve the problem.
Here is a print screen with the sales modules activated but not visible for instance.

How? What are the steps to reproduce?
Could you fill a bug report, please.

Ok sorry, a bug report is indeed the best place to discuss this!

For the record, it is an issue with the cache on the server side not been correctly cleared.
Until it is solved the solution is to restart trytond to force to clear the cache.

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