Order point not respected


on my list of order points, some entries are not respected. Although stock is under minimum level, the wizard does not create suggestions for orders, but it does for other items. I already deleted them and freshly created new entries in order points - but that does not help. Entries look all the same, and it’s all about one single warehouse.

This topic may be related to the following:
When I open one order point and cycle through entries with r/l arrows, tryton will randomly ask if entry shall be saved (allthough no change happened) or present empty product names, allthough there are no entries with empty product names.


The rules are more complex as products must be purchasable (and not consumable), purchasing must fix the stock level issue for the supplied period if purchased today.
Also the system takes into account existing purchase and purchase requests.

Some data in the database has the wrong value. It may be because the product is not valid for the domain for example.

Thank you - this was the point. There is a pending direct delivery in my system, which could not be processed due to a software issue. So I’ll have to fix this first.

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