Operation Optimization for Tryton

Hi there, my first post ever!

After much search Tryton meets my criteria for python based ERP for global benefit.

I want to create, with a friend, an optimization and simulation module for Tryton. This means we will feed in data from x business, and run Python based optimization or simulations libraries for advanced analytics. We can also use process mining of data logs to get the inputs for the models.

We can do things like forecasting sales, optimum stock levels, purchasing planning for starter.

What do you advise us to do this properly and benefit the community?

I am starting now to do a vanilla installation to explore the tables behind the different modules. How else can I get familiar with Tryton. Is there a dummy company with good amount of data to work with?

Best regards,

Hi Ali,

Welcome to our community forum! Personaly I enjoy seeing newcomers on this project and answering its questions. I wish you will also enjoy your time here :wink:

Wow, this sound like an interesting project. Not sure if you have seen, but on tryton we have a module to create a stock forecast (which can be used for sales but also for production forecasting).

There is also the stock_supply module which define order points for each product and location. Each order point can declare the minumum stock level that is requested but also the maximum one. With this information the system can create the needed purchase requests and internal shipments to make the user aware of the operations to that should be done and perform them.

I guess your starting point should be testing does modules to see how all work together.

On our webpage we have the list of all the steps you can to contribute to the project which is what benefits the community. Feel free to post on the forum if you have some doubts or there is something that should be clarified. Just take care of creating an specific topic for each unrelated question.

Our modules contain a list of rst files in the tests folder which we use to test the functionality of each module. If you have Python knowledge I will suggest reading to have an idea of how our system works. Maybe you should not understand all but it will provide a good overview.

There is the demo server which can be used for testing online. If you want to install locally have a look at our donwload page. We also publish an script to populate a local database with demo data. It may be usefull to create some testing data on your own instance.

I hope this gives you the right hints to give start your adventure.
Feel free to ask any other doubts you may have.