Open more than one tab of the same menu item

This is possible in Tryton by pressing [alt] when clicking on the menu item, but from SAO I can’t do it.
Is this possible or is it one of the missing features of SAO compared to Tryton?

it is not posible to open 2 tabs of the same menu item in Sao, but you can open another Tryton window on your browser and open the same menu there.

It is a missing feature in the web (mainly because it is difficult to propagate the event state).
But with Open new tab if current view is not the same (#9086) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab if the opened tab is not on the first view, a new tab is open.


Ok, thanks.

Could you explain this better? I have tried it in the 7.2 demo and I haven’t noticed any change. Maybe I’m misunderstanding it

For example, you open the menu entry “Parties”, you switch to the form of one party, then you open again the menu entry “Parties”. You will have 2 tabs for parties.

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