One2Many interface


I am currently working on One2Many fields, and I have some questions about the associated buttons and pop-up dialogs.

Concerning the buttons (screenshot below, right side), is it possible to access to them server side to change their states (ie: readonly or not) depending on a domain (or other solutions) ?

Also, about the pop-up dialogs when clicking on the “+” or the pen, is it possible to modify or replace the buttons or at least change their states (readonly or invisible) ? (server side too)

For example, the buttons in the dialog when clicking on the “+” (screenshot above, left side) which I would like to change to just 2 buttons “Cancel” and “OK”.

I don’t have the possibility to work on the client side code, it needs to be a server side solution. One would be to recreate every buttons as wizards but I would prefer to stick to standard solutions. (I work with Tryton 5.0)

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

The access on the target model manage the states of the buttons. For example, if the user is not allowed to create models on the model the create button will be disabled.

Those buttons are managed by the client side and are generic for all records.
Here also the access rules apply, so if you are not allowed to create new records the New button will be shown as readonly.

Ok thank you. So the only way is to recreate each button as wizards for custom pop-up dialogs and states.

Well it is always better to stick with the general design of Tryton in order to not astonish the user.
A wizard should be used not as a way to modify the standard design but only to perform small automated actions.

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