Not possible to search all fields of model: ex. Categories of Party

If I go to Customer Invoices and search for: Party.Categories: export I get invoices of customers who are in the export category.

However if I search for Categories: export in Party, it is an invalid search.

Is this the expected behavior?

In this particular case I am trying to categorize my Parties and use categories more like tags, and I want to search for Parties that are members of two categories, thus I considered searching for them but I failed.

Yes can can search only on the direct field that are in the list view.
The nested fields are all available for now until we find a way to fine tune this.

You should be able to do that from the category tree by “opening” them.

From Customer Invoices I managed to access the nested fields by using Party.
Is there something similar that can be used to use the nested fields for searching in Party?

In this case are you claiming that for ex. accessing the nested fields by using Party.Categories (by searching from Customer Invoices) is a bug?
To me it seems like a feature that can help the user use tryton in many unexpected ways.
Perhaps too many unexpected ways? (security?)

I think this is not possible. When opening the category tree, I can see see only parties that are members of one category and subcategories.
For example what if I have a category of for parties that I find at a trade fair.
And I want to find how many of these parties are also in the export category.

You can use nested field on the party list. But only starting from field shown in the list view.

No but for now we can not control/limit the nested fields available. There are too many in most case.

Indeed it is a limitation of the UI that row activation deselect other rows.
(I’m pretty sure there is an issue for that but I could not find it)

I think we should have a form_relate similar to the tree_open. Or even better have all tree_open actions displayed in the relate menu.