Noob: 2nd launch

I successfully installed tryton on my ubuntu box with docker and instructions given here:
Now I came back and tried to relaunch but do not know which are the commands required. My guess is that I have to start docker and the server and then can access tryton on the web server - but how actually can I do that?
In addition - I’d like to have it in German language - how can I achieve that? In found this link, but could not get the clou out of it.


Your guess is correct, you shoukd start the docker container. If you created your containers with the default name it can be done with:

docker start tryton-postgres tryton

Otherwise you should adjust the name of the containers to start.

On this post there is an example of the comand to load a language. Once you have executed you should be able to select the Language on your user preferences. This will change all the interface to the selected language.

Hope it helps!

Thank you very much for this incredibly quick answer. I could restart docker and solve the language mystery:

stop tryton:
docker stop tryton

load your language:
docker run --link tryton-postgres:postgres -it tryton/tryton trytond-admin -d tryton --all -l ##
Instead of “##” type your language code according to DIN639-1 - e.g de,fr,it,es, etc

start docker again:
docker start tryton