No Other Modules in Initial Configuration


I finally managed to install Tryton 12.0 on a Debian 9 Stretch, and both my desktop client & web client connects to the server successfully. No docker install, but on base OS using pip.

Now, when I first connect, the server starts the configuration wizard, which works for the first 2 steps, like choosing language & adding user. But, in the “modules” configuration page it only shows “ir” and “res”. I think I have messing up something to not have the other modules show.

I did search the internet for similar problems, and as per some suggestions ran the command (modified to use the right python version):

python3.7 /usr/local/bin/trytond-admin --verbose -c /etc/tryton/tryton.conf -d mytryton --update-modules-list

This runs without any output.

And, still the server shows only those 2 (two) mentioned modules.

Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?

Hello nyamul welcome to the Tryton community:

The initial installation of Tryton does not include any pre-installed modules. To be able to install it using pip you can refer to Tryton - Get Tryton, but just in case I leave an example:
If you wanted to install the account module we would install it with:

pip install trytond-account

After the installation of any module you must update the list of modules with the command that you executed previously
If you want to see available modules you can search for them:

pip search trytond

I think you have a confusion with the version, to see the available versions you can execute:

pip install trytond==?

The latest version available in pip is 5.6 and the release of 5.8 is approaching

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Oops, my bad about the version number. pip installed Tryton 5.6.7

Thank you for the tip about using PIP to check other modules, I did those and accounts is installed! Now I need to figure out where to configure the company name and how to setup basic accounts! I’ll be back when I stumble across another roadlbock. Thank you!

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