Newsletter October 2022

A lot of improvements have landed in Tryton in preparation of the coming release 6.6.

Changes for the User

The subscription services are now displayed on the product form. This simplifies the creation of new services.

A packed customer shipment can now be reset. This is useful in case of a mistake.

The subscriptions are now historized with an incremental revision like the sales orders.

We now support pickup from the warehouse. So on the sale order and customer shipment, it is possible to select the warehouse address as delivery/shipment address if the warehouse is configured to allow pickup.

We can now register sale opportunities in currencies other than the company’s one. The configured default payment term is now used as the default value.
The sale opportunity reports have been reworked to be more flexible like the sale reports.

We added a wizard to delegate payable or receivable lines to another party.

It is now possible to define a different payee on the invoice than the party that is invoiced.

We added the UN M49 regions to group countries by geography or politics. They are useful for reporting.
We also added the concept of country organizations. The import script brings in the ones that are most commonly needed in a business application.

The sale report per region uses now the UN M49 regions as an upper level above country.

It is now possible to cancel stock moves that have been done. This allows shipments to cancel them when the shipment is cancelled instead of leaving those products in an intermediate location.

The default currency has been removed from stock moves as it was error prone.

New Modules

The Carrier Carriage Module extends support for carriers by adding carriers before and after the main carrier.

The Account Consolidation Module allows consolidated accounting reports that include multiple companies.

The Sale Product Recommendation Module provides facilities to implement recommendations for products during sales.

The Sale Product Recommendation Association Rule Module implements recommendations based on association rule learning from previous sales.

The Account Statement SEPA Module implements the import of the CAMT.052, CAMT.053 and CAMT.054 SEPA files as statement.

Changes for the System Administrator

The requests originating from a browser extension are now considered as null.

The web client checks now that it is compatible with the server like the desktop client. This allows to detect wrong installation.

Changes for the Developer

The backend module is now documented.

It is now possible to call products by location grouped by date. Thanks to this new feature the shortage calculation only makes a single call for the full supply period.

The size field attribute, when it is in a PYSON statement, can now evaluate to None.

We removed the constraint that both parts of an If PYSON statement must evaluate to a value of the same type. The resulting type is now the union of the types of each part of the if statement.

The account type amount now also supports a date range in the context.

The methods strip_wildcard remove only one wildcard. This allows the user to force the server to do a search with pattern matching instead of full text by doubling the wildcard.

The Char fields remove now leading and trailing white spaces by default. It is disabled by default on Text fields. But the behavior can be configured for each field. The feature can also remove only leading or only trailing white spaces.

The synchronization between drop shipment moves have been improved. It allows now to synchronize also the lots.


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