Newsletter March 2024

During the last month we mainly focused on fixing bugs, adjusting how things work, improving performance and adding new features.

Changes for the User

Sales, Purchases and Projects

Now we assume that most businesses will try and deliver to customers as fast as
possible. So we set the default lead time for products to 0.

Accounting, Invoicing and Payments

Statement journals can now be searched for by the bank account number and the currency.

Tryton now supports the payment of invoices using a different currency to the statement’s currency.

Now Tryton only uses the sign of the combined debit and credit to calculate the kind of payment of the move line.

Stock, Production and Shipments

Now we only set the number on productions and on shipments when they first enter the “waiting” state.

The stock lot trace functionality now shows the stock locations a lot was moved between and also all related stock moves.

Now Tryton manages the stock assignation for customer shipments even when the picking and output locations are the same to ensure the stock is assigned and not available for use by someone else.

Now we use the warehouse of the corresponding location on the internal shipment, in case the transit location is used.

User Interface

Sao now supports drag and drop on the image widget and binary select button.

Editable lists are now selected on the first first click and become editable on the second.

Screenshot showing new selection/edit usage of an editable list

Sao now provides a contextual menu to copy cells and columns.

System Data and Configuration

Now we calculate the name of a product for sales, purchase and invoice lines and stock moves. For example, showing the customer product name or the supplier product name instead of product name in reports.

Now you can use template substitutions for the company header and footer fields used in reports.

New Documentation

We reworked parts of the Tryton documentation.

New Releases

We released bug fixes for the currently maintained long term support series
7.0 and 6.0, and for the penultimate series 6.8.

Changes for the System Administrator

We rewrote the worker using concurrent.futures replacing the former multiprocessing to be able to have a better control of dead child processes which can’t accept further tasks. Also be aware of the new maxtasksperchild option for Python >= 3.11.

Changes for Implementers and Developers

We introduced two mix-ins for deactivating products and templates:

  • trytond.modules.product.ProductDeactivatableMixin
  • trytond.modules.product.TemplateDeactivatableMixin

By default, the copy method no longer copies readonly=True relation fields. But we do keep copying readonly moves on shipments.

The UI now considers the null value as valid empty data for binary fields.

Authors: @dave @pokoli @udono

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