Newsletter June 2024

In the last month we focused on speeding-up performance issues, fixing bugs and improving the behaviour of things - building on the changes from our last release. We also added some new features which we would like to introduce to you in this newsletter.

For an in depth overview of the Tryton issues please take a look at our issue tracker or see the issues and merge requests filtered by label.

Changes for the User

Sales, Purchases and Projects

We use a dedicated Web Shop-page on the product form which contains web shop related fields.

We’ve added relates from sale and purchase lines to their stock moves and invoice lines.

Purchase and sale amendments now allow you to update the secondary unit of its lines.

Now Tryton deletes a purchase request when its related product is deleted. Previously such a purchase request was kept in the system, but we decided that it’s better to just remove it.

Accounting, Invoicing and Payments

Payments with zero amount are allowed again. This allows the system to correctly handle full refunds for some payment gateways that use zero amounts on them.

Stock, Production and Shipments

When counting inventories with lots we now also show the lot in addition to the product, as a product may have many lots.

User Interface

Sao now uses a grid to display trytond.model.fields.Dict items to add more flexibility.

To make Tryton more accessible we now make the contents of the message-dialog selectable and copiable.

Data and Configuration

We improved the user experience when importing CSV data. This eases the adoption of Tryton by lowering the barrier to load initial data in to the system. Here is a list of the relevant changes:

The CSV export also got new features. It now supports different languages per column in one export. This is specially useful when working with translatable master data like, for example, product names.

We’ve now replaced the “Accounting Party” user access group with the “Accounting” user access group. This was done because there is no need to limit accounting fields from party to a specific group by default.

New Documentation

The ldap_authentication module is now documented.

Did you know, that a Model._rec_name must point to a trytond.model.fields.Char field?

New Releases

We released bug fixes for the currently maintained long term support series
7.0 and 6.0, and for the latest release series 7.2.

Changes for the System Administrator

We’ve added a new configuration section [report] with option convert_command to be able to use a different document converter.

Now the trytond-admin command validates the email-value. The interactive email input loops until a valid email address is entered.

Changes for Implementers and Developers

We added the option --export-translations to the trytond-admin command. It exports the translation of any activated module to their respective locale folder.

Authors: @dave @pokoli @udono