Newsletter June 2020

Since release 5.6 development has restarted, with the first changes already landing in the development branch.

Our demo servers now no longer require authentication. This helps keep the shared servers accessible to everyone (we often found that people would change the passwords and lock everyone else out).


Changes for the User

In the web client, the state of the check-boxes on editable lists can now be changed on the first click. This unifies the behavior between both clients.

The default storage locations can now be defined for products in addition to variants.

When creating a payment for a sales order, Tryton automatically fills in the form with data from the sale.

New Modules


The blueprint Employee attendance has been implemented.
The attendance module allows you to track the entry and exit time of employees. The module also comes with a sheet that shows, for each employee, the total duration per day in the company and a detailed list of entrance and exit times.

Changes for the System Administrator

Changes for the Developer

The warehouse of the current user instance is now overridden by the context value. This behavior now matches the company and employee.

The new export URLs now support the user context, this means that fields depending on this can now be used.

The authentication methods can be combined which allows multi-factor authentication to be setup without needing any development, just configuration.

You can now add property attributes to the methods of fields.depends. This gives you more flexibility and allows you to design better APIs.

We now check that the price_digits from the configuration has not changed. Running with the wrong number of digits for internal prices may damage data integrity.

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