Newsletter July 2023

In the last month we fixed bugs, sped-up performance issues and added new features.
With the release of branch 6.8 we merged the latest changes to the 6.4 branch and closed it afterwards. Branch 6.4 is no longer maintained by the Tryton project.
We also released bug fixes for the maintained series 5.0, 6.0, 6.6 and 6.8.

Changes for the User

Sales, Purchase and Project

The sale and purchase amendment fields are now displayed when an order transitions into the processing state, to allow the creation of amendments directly.

Depending on the complexity of an order, users sometimes wanted to have a different delay for the state change to processing for sales and purchases, which is now possible.

The invoiced amount of a project work is calculated with the quantity from timesheet lines or the invoiced progress of the involved works. It is now required, that the quantity of the invoice line is equal to the quantity on the project works and it is no longer possible to change the quantity of an invoiced project.

Accounting, Invoicing and Payment

The supplier invoice’s reference can now be changed in non draft states.

When deferring an invoice with an analytic setup the analytic account is now also deferred.

Tryton now asks for a date when creating an account move from a template.

We now show the reconciliation lines of an invoice that is in a cancelled state, because when it is refunded with a credit note, it is cancelled instead of paid.

As it is very useful to get the total of waiting balances, we added the sum to the aged balance terms and balance.

Stock, Production and Shipment

The shipments now support locations of type view as a storage location in their warehouses.

We now display the cost of production works.

We now also allow searching for an inventory by location. This is useful when the warehouse has a lot of locations.

User Interface

We now validate and normalize email addresses and convert them to ASCII to help avoid user input mistakes.

Master Data and Configuration

We now allow the use of the current date as a substitution in the sequence fields prefix and suffix, formatted using strftime-format. Instead of prefixing the strftime-format code with (%) we use an underscore (_). E.g. the formatting code ${date_Y} will be replaced by the year of the actual date.

Changes for Implementers and Developers

We added a sum_tree helper method which is a common pattern which can be unified and reused.

At the start of a transaction we check if a used table is locked. Otherwise we raise a TransactionError and the transaction will be restarted with the table added to the list of tables to lock. This ensures that we always read the last committed values when a table is locked.

We changed the logging process of the dispatcher by using a lazily evaluated object, which will shorten huge structures that could appear in the log.

Authors: @dave @pokoli @udono


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