Newsletter July 2022

Here are some improvements that have already landed in the development tree for the next release 6.6.

Changes for the User

We now show the number of email addresses that are subscribed to a marketing mailing list.

The commission on products can now be included in the stock margin report.

It is now possible to define marketing scenarios from which user can unsubscribe. For example with a scenario that reminds the customer of pending sales, the customer can now unsubscribe for all sales instead of just the one that is pending.

When inactivating a location, Tryton does not check whether there are still consumable products in it.

The types of UPS service have been updated.

It is now possible to define the start and end date for a relationship between parties. Once the relationship has ended those relationships are no longer active.

Changes for the System Administrator

We now use a delay instead of a datetime in UTC for the reset password expiration. This is easier to understand for the user.

Changes for the Developer

The TableHandlers are now a singleton per table. This avoids having to reload the table definitions between instantiations in different modules.

The product lead time is now a MultiValue so it can be customized to depend on the warehouse, the company etc.

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