Newsletter January 2023

The Tryton team wishes you a happy new year.

The big news is that the Tryton development has been migrated to Heptapod. Developers should review the new guide on how to submit changes.
But also series 6.6 is the first one to have a Flatpack build client for Linux published on Flathub.

Changes for the User

The lot number is no longer copied when a lot is duplicated which has a sequence configured. This means that the new lot gets the next number in the sequence.

We’ve added a relate to open the lots from the product form. This is useful if, for example, you want to create the lots for an asset.

We’ve added the party and the description from the invoice to the invoice line list. This is useful to select the right invoice lines when filling in a landed cost or a shipment cost form.

The stock lot can now be deactivated. This simplifies lot management by removing lots that are no longer used.

The xxx2Many widgets now display the number of selected records. This helps prevent mistakes when managing a large list of records.

The error message, shown when trying to modify a record protected by XML declaration, has been improved to include the name and type of the record and optionally the field.

Changes for the Developer

We now use the “match pattern” to find accounting journals. This allows for more customization in the way a journal is selected.


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